Body Shops

Aug 25, 2011

MVK Metal Minimizes Tool Changing Time

Murrelektronik MVK Metal with push-pull connection technology is the perfect choice for car body construction

The robots in automotive industry have to perform all kinds of jobs. And when tools have to be changed, time is precious. Murrelektronik MVK Metal modules with push-pull connection technology offer a perfect solution for this job! The modules feature "fast startup", which enables very short setup times. This appeals to manufacturers such as Daimler AG, who play a leading part in automation innovations.

Robot processing dominates the assembly lines in automotive body shops. In the assembly lines at Daimler's Sindelfingen production plant several hundreds of tool changes are required in only one assembly line in the course of a day.

The assembly lines are designed for optimum production times and maximum productivity. The Automation Initiative of German Automobile Manufacturers (AIDA), which includes Daimler, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and BMW defined the term "quick" in tool changing times: The time to connect voltage to the first cyclic data exchange must not exceed more than 500 ms.

Murrelektronik MVK Metal fieldbus modules meet this requirement  With the integrated Profinet "Fast Startup" (FSU) function, the module is ready again and operating within 400 ms after the tools were changed.

Some significant features of FSU are the parameters that have to be transferred are defined and do not have to be automatically recognized. Only relevant data is newly transferred from the control during the startup. In addition, the modules actively report to the control that they are ready for communication, they do not wait for a cyclic query. These measures help reduce costs and save a lot of time.

Thanks to its one-piece zinc die-cast housing, the MVK Metal fieldbus mdoule is resistant to weld spatter and oils and lubricants. Each module is fully potted, which makes it resistant to shock and vibration. MVK Metal is built compactly and allows flexible mounting.

The modules with push-pull connection technology are available as standard I/O modules with fixed functionality and galvanically separated outputs. In addition, freely parameterizable modules are offered.

Users of MVK products do not have to do without the typical single channel diagnostic. Defective slots are switched off, without negatively influencing the adjacent channels. For the Murrelektronik engineers it was important to develop modules that are easy to service and that ensure availability.

The push-pull connection technology based on Profinet offers the advantage of connecting commmunication and power supply without having to use tools, in a quick and convenient manner.

In the automotive bodyshops, this flexibility allows the installation in various robot applications: like at the tool changer, at the tool itself, at the robot's foot, in the immediate robot environment or in the tool rack. MVK Metal is also often used in the field of machines and industrial equipment, in conveyor lines and feeding units   and is installed in various projects of several renowned automotive manufacturers.