Food & Beverage and Packaging:

Automation Solutions

Reliable installation concepts link all I/O points of a system or a machine to the controls in an economical manner. However, economic efficiency can be defined in different ways within various areas of the food & beverage and packaging industry and their individual requirements.

For example, the primary packaging domain often requires numerous I/Os to be up and running very quickly. In final packaging, however, the robustness of components – particularly with regard to shock and vibration resistance – is crucial.

For you as a machine manufacturer, the modular scope of a system and the time required for installation and commissioning of the machine is decisive. For your customer, the diagnostic capabilities for fast troubleshooting have a higher priority. In order to be competitive, all of this must be considered while deciding on a concept.


  • High performance
  • Different fieldbus protocols
  • Modularity and flexibility
  • Simple commissioning
  • Smart sensors
  • Active safety

The various automation solutions from Murrelektronik enable flexible adaption to satisfy all the requirements of your customers in terms of flexibility, packaging size, material to be packed, etc. without fail. We offer fieldbus components with protection class IP20 for controls cabinets as well as IP67 for direct installation in the field. They are independent of the controls and fieldbus while our engineers make their modular and flexible design a top priority, thus enabling simple and fast commissioning. Of course we apply the same principle to the passive distributors that enable versatile decentralized installations as an independent system or as an extension to the fieldbus system.

Furthermore, the safety of people and machines can be ensured by active or passive safety components. Networking the machines can be implemented with ease in regards to the Internet of Things as well as new technologies such as IO-Link.

Murrelektronik offers you a choice of versatile installation concepts. We do not just offer a single solution for a given challenge. Our customers have a choice between several installation concepts. You may choose a concept that not only meets your technical requirements but that also offers your preferred economical aspects.

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