Apr 15, 2015

Cube20S – Small, Fast and Safe

Safety is a major topic in the automation industry. The goal is to provide the best protection possible for man and machine. To help with that goal, Murrelektronik is offering safety expansion modules for our Cube20S modular fieldbus station. This allows for reliable transfer of safety-related data.

Because these new modules work within an existing system there are no additional safety functions to be implemented and safety requirements are easily met.

Cube20S is a compact, cabinet mount, adaptable fieldbus system. Its digital and analog modules (available with two, four or eight channels) as well as its function modules are connected to a basic module with an integrated bus node.

The newly developed safety expansion modules help to create functional safety in machines and systems. By using the PROFINET/PROFIsafe and PROFIBUS/PROFIsafe safe fieldbus protocols, data is transferred in a way that allows the Performance Level e (PLe) safety category to be reached.

The output module ensures that outputs are switched off safely, if necessary, and the affected machine components are shut down safely. The safety input module transfers signals from safety equipment (light barriers and light curtains, position switches or emergency stop buttons) to the safety control.

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