Power Supply

Feb 13, 2013

MB Redundancy Balance – Share the Load

Maximum machine availability is an important factor for success in industrial processes. To maximize availability, power supply systems in these machines are often designed with redundancy using two separate power supply units.

Murrelektronik's new cabinet component, MB Redundancy Balance, optimizes such systems. It decouples the two power supply units and ensures an automatic 50:50 balancing of power between the two units. Therefore, both units are evenly engaged and the load isn't only on one device. Both units are able to work together: neither unit sits idle and neither unit has to work at its limit. For example: if the load current required is 10A, MB Redundancy Balance ensures that both units supply 5A.

Lower energy consumption: MB Redundancy Balance operates with an innovative technology based on MOSFET. The internal consumption of the modules is up to 87% less than those of conventional diode modules.

At a glance:

  • 50:50 Auto Balancing
  • Signal contact for each input
  • LEDs for channel-specific status indication
  • Very low power loss
  • Bridging system for combining several modules or to connect to MICO (the electrical load circuit monitoring module)