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Food & Beverage and Packaging:

Process Reliability and Maintenance Solutions

Machine availability is the top priority in the food & beverage and packaging industry. Long down times due to conversion or even machine failure must be avoided as they result in immediate financial losses. Therefore, fast reaction to errors is crucial.


  • High productivity
  • Optimized set-up times
  • High process reliability
  • Early warning functionality in case of deviations
  • Minimized down times
  • Adherence to quality standards

The modular media connector Modlink Vario is an ideal example of how to minimize set-up times in all areas. It enables drip-free coupling of operation media such as air and hydraulics as well as electrical connections during operation.

Murrelektronik products give you the capability to react to irregularities during operation, before any problems occur. For example, the smart power distribution MICO signals whenever a load current exceeds 90% of the pre-set rated value. Emparro 3-phase 40A features a preventive diagnostic function that - depending on the load of the power supply unit - will issue a notification when it is time to exchange this unit. This enables maximum utilization of every single power supply unit without increased risk of failure.

In order to further minimize the risk and impact of machine downtime due to power supply failure with preventive measures, Murrelektronik offers redundant power supply solutions and matched buffer systems that are capable of compensating brief grid voltage dips and also enable a safe shutdown procedure in case of failure.

Should machine downtime occur in food & beverage processing and primary packaging domain despite all preventive measures, it will immediately put the quality of the food at risk and, in a worst case scenario, can cause the loss of an entire batch. In the packaging domain, downtime means that the short cycle times cannot be adhered to, leading to delay in delivering the agreed quantities within the deadline. This causes additional problems in the supply chain all the way to the consumer.

Therefore, fast reaction to errors is crucial. Time-consuming trouble shooting is not the right way to go. Murrelektronik offers various approaches for fast and efficient diagnosis as well as correction of errors. The motto is: Don't search for errors, find them!

Products from Murrelektronik - be it power supply or automation technology - all feature diagnostic reporting functionalities that make trouble shooting an easy task. For example, our IO systems feature a simple diagnostic functionality via LED at the slot that can be extended with detailed error message transmission to the control via fieldbus. Power supply and distribution units send diagnostic messages to the control via alarm contacts.

In view of the Internet of Things, new diagnostic tools even take it a step further and display irregularities such as increased power consumption or voltage dips on a smart phone or tablet in real time.

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