Process Reliability and Maintenance

Jun 17, 2013

Maximum System Availability

Emparro Cap is Murrelektronik's new buffer module for maximum system availability. The module ensures a stable power supply system and guarantees safe industrial processes. Emparro Cap reliably bridges voltage drops coming from the mains. This avoids time-consuming and cost-intensive interruptions of production processes.

Fully automated production plants experience short-time voltage drops that can interrupt the production and incur high costs and overtime.  The Emparro Cap buffer module is a useful solution to avoid these problems. It can be easily integrated into new and existing 24 V DC power supply systems. It offers a buffer time of more than one second, even with a full load of 20 A. This covers mains fluctuations and voltage interruptions with no problems. Small input, big output! It's easy to break even with Emparro Cap: the investment costs for the buffer module often pay off after the first production outage is avoided.

Emparro Cap is equipped with ultra capacitors. Compared with battery based buffer solutions, they feature the benefit of being permanently maintenance-free. Due to its small width, Emparro Cap offers 5 times more buffer time than conventional buffer modules, even though it requires the same space in the cabinet. It is suitable for a temperature range that covers 100 K, reaching from -40° to +60°C. Spring clamp terminals with push-in connection technology make installation easy. Emparro Cap is equipped with an alarm contact and an LED that indicates supply voltage. Labels make it easy to designate specific spaces & keep the cabinet organized.

Emparro Cap is part of Murrelektronik's Emparro system consisting of filters, power supply unit and buffer module. The components are perfectly matched - cutting edge technologies with uniform handling and a consistent, modern design.