Process Reliability and Maintenance

Jul 10, 2013

MICO+ Even more options

MICO+ is the latest member of the MICO family. With appealing features and even more options.

MICO+ saves energy: With MICO+ you can switch off machine parts that are no longer needed for current production processes. For example, assembly lines that do not operate 24 hours a day but only occasionally transport parts. A signal from the control is enough to put the system into a non-operating state. This saves energy and reduces the costs. When the machine part is needed again, you can activate it quickly with MICO+.

90% warning notice – now available as digital signal: MICO‘s visual 90% warning notice is a perfect tool for setting up machines and systems. If channels are near the limit, the LED starts blinking. Often the total current needed increases during operation. This happens for example, because valves and motors wear out. Therefore, the MICO+ 90% warning notice is additionally available as signal. The signal is transferred to the control, the control sets off the alarm – and the appropriate counter-measures can be immediately started.

New connection terminals on the outputs: Two connection options are available per channel. With MICO+ you can connect twice as many loads compared to MICO Classic. It‘s also easy to create features such as single channel monitoring: one wire to the load, the other wire to the control‘s input – there is no easier way!

All benefits at a glance:

  • Ideal switch off behavior
  • Flexibly adjustable current ranges
  • Capacitive load per channel 20,000 µF
  • Group alarm contact
  • 90% warning notice, signalized by a blinking LED
  • Unique bridge system
  • Cascading start of individual current paths
  • Non-volatile error memory
  • Manual switch-off and-on by pressing a button