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Nov 18, 2010

Installation time reduced by 80%

Many actuators and sensors are installed in logistics and materials handling systems and a lot of time is required to connect all components. Normally, the connectors are connected by hand which is very time consuming.

MQ12 round plug connector


Reducing installation time significantly

The Murrelektronik Solution

Murrelektronik's MQ12 is a quick connection system: The connector is simply plugged into the sensor and the connection is sealed. A clever sealing concept makes this possible. It functions in axial and radial directions. By turning the MQ12 locking mechanism by ¼ turn, it is automatically attached to the thread.


The installation time is reduced by up to 80%. MQ12 is the same price as the existing M12 connector range. Design complete installation solution with the MQ12 with Murrelektronik’s comprehensive model range (female straight, female 90° and female 90° with LED).