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Corporate News

Nov 24, 2018

A Fresh Space for First-Class Ideas

First-class ideas emerge much more easily from workplaces that are inspiring to be in. This explains why Murrelektronik paid extra attention to the renovation of our Development Center at the headquarters in Southern Germany. We’ve used as many sustainable materials as we could when we expanded and converted the R&D facilities. Architect Klaus Weller said, “We plastered the interior walls with natural clay instead of conventional plaster. This enables us to create particularly healthy and natural spaces.”

Stefan Glück from the clay plaster business Glück GbR, based in the Black Forest town of Lauterbach, explains, “The clay plaster absorbs and releases humidity into the room, regulating the level to ensure that Murrelektronik employees feel comfortable in their new offices.” The natural colors of clay also enhance the visual impact. Clay helps balance odors, helps improve room acoustics, and also contributes greatly to energy efficiency. “A clay plaster that is three centimeters thick stores as much energy as a brick wall that’s twelve centimeters thick,” states Stefan Glück. Architect Weller added: “That reduces energy consumption, and we conserve resources effectively.”

Over the last few years, clay is becoming a more frequent choice for plaster. It is particularly sought after in the renovation of old buildings. However, to use it throughout an office building like the Murrelektronik R&D Center is unique. “Clay has never been used in this industry, and particularly on this large of a scale,” said Stefan Glück. “It would therefore be fair to say that we have achieved a breakthrough into the modern era with this traditional construction material!”